Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fish stick fever

Corny Christmas music is playing in the background. I’ll all bundled up. My wet hair which froze on the way out the door is now temporarily thawing. The fluorescent lights are annoying me, as my stomach growls. I just want to get the heck out of here.

I’m at the grocery store. And at this very moment I’m having out of body experience looking down at myself. Here's what I see:

An uncomfortable pregnant woman whose clutching with all her might two boxes of fish sticks. She's walking as gingerly as possible around the end of the aisle (en route to put a dent in Price Chopper’s cheese department). She got the yak trax on my shoes because Monday’s storm left lots of ice and she's terrified of slipping. Irony is that these things are lethal on the polished grocery store floor.

As I’m baby-stepping and waddling my way over to the cheese, I think to myself, “wow. I never thought it would come to this”:

  • I never eat fish sticks, and yet all I want is fish sticks and potatoes.
  • I’m waddling again, because I have a bad stitch in my left side that showed up about 24 hours ago, and it just plain hurts to walk.
  • Not only am I out on a desperation run to get fish sticks, but I actually think to myself ‘nobody better not try to pry these things from my kung fu grip, or they’ll have to deal with a very cranky pregnant woman.’

This is what my life has come to these days.


Anonymous said...

well well well-he is definitly his father's son---wanting fish. That's all I ate with Joey-fish,fish and more fish-I'm surprised that he was hesitant in water when he was a mere lad. Mine was mcdonalds fish sandwich slathered in tartar sauce, which I don't like and cheese which I love!!!! Love to all of you Mom

Anonymous said...

So, funny, Liz! I can just see you! When I was pregnant, I had intense cravings for "watery fruit". I would send Mike out at night while I was grading papers to get watermelon, oranges, strawberries, etc. Sometimes I would just suck on lemons.
I'm glad you're doing so well!

Judy MSM said...

Isn't this a surprise! (I'm surprised that I remembered Andy's explanation as to how to get to your sight!) I do remember eating when I was pregnant but I always did have a hardy appetite and Andy was such a sweet bundle of "Joy"--really! I've enjoyed reading all your entries. And, this ice made me recall slipping and falling twice while I was carrying Andy and being very scared. Oh, Liz, do you remember that truck accident your Dad, Sarah, you and I were in...the truck was totaled and we had to have x-rays. What a way to start a pregnancy! The four of us (five!) were riding in the truck and that little, old, ninety-three year old man turned, unexpectedly, in front of us? What a day. I think it was right in front of a funeral home. Weird, I haven't thought about that in ages. All these memories because you're pregnant! You're looking good. Enjoy those fist sticks...they must have a lot of brain power! Love Judy MSM

Anonymous said... sticks. At no point in my life have they ever sounded good, but I'm with you.....right now they'd be great! More power to you with the Yak trax.
Sue in sunny and 70s Syracuse (ha!)