Monday, December 17, 2007

Quick update: Week 31

Like my "self-portrait"? It's almost more of a "self-silhouette" but you get the gist of the shape. I'm to the point now where people says things like this to me:

"Hello, Liz. How are you doing today?" (no pause for an answer) "You're looking very pregnant today..."

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. Here's a quick run down on the latest:

  • The back is doing much better now thanks to the "chastity belt". Hey, I don't care how ridiculous it may look. It alleviates a lot of stress.
  • Did my first load of baby laundry this past weekend. I held up the "Just Born" onesies in front of me. Oh my God, they are so tiny! They look like they could fit on a baby doll! When I fold them in half so that I can neatly stack them, they're only as big as a paper napkin--the narrow ones from a restaurant!
  • Still overeating. What I mean is, I'm eating "normal portions" for the pre-pregnant Liz. Thing is, they are no longer suitable for my increasingly squooshed stomach. Every time I eat too much it causes a good deal of discomfort and I swear I'll never do it again. When will I learn??
  • Discovered that ebay and Craig's List are a mom's best friend. I've found so many good deals on baby clothes and other paraphernalia. I won THREE auctions this past weekend.
  • Started to organize the baby's room over the weekend, cleaning up and prepping the crib. We selected paint colors for the walls, which at the moment are dingy white. They're going to be two shades of tan. We have a cute border to add at chair rail height. I started taping the baseboards. Joe's going to paint over his vacation.
That's all for now. I can't wait for vacation! Maybe then I'll get around to finishing our Christmas cards.

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays.

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