Monday, November 10, 2008

Jonas Tries Raw Bananas!

I had to put this up because Jonas' facial expressions are so funny. Here he is trying raw, mashed bananas for the second time. The first time was not a success, and, as you'll see, I don't think Jonas would give them a rave review the second time either, judging by his reactions. (He does like bananas in a jar.)

What I don't understand is if a food a so repulsive that it nearly gives you a convulsion, why eat more?? It's a question to which I'll never have an answer--at least not for several years.


Judy MSM said...

Very cute video. I'm hoping that in ten years, I can still watch it unless, of course, everything is wiped off my computer and all these wonderful memories are gone in a random second :^(......
I think Jonas liked being on camera and I think "you guys" were sucked in with him. Evidently he must like bananas the way some people like hot sauce, you cringe but you continue to eat the stuff. And he had such a captive audience...I think he is a very clever child! I love it. He is so cute. I took one of the pictures from your last entry to laminate at school. We're hanging it up! Maybe someday we'll see the when he graduates! I think I am getting a bit cynical.Well, take care and we love you all. Judy, Jack and Andy.

Anonymous said...

that made my day!! Thanks, Liz! Seriously, I was having a pretty bad day and that totally brightened it!