Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8 months already!

Here's a much over-due update on Jonas, who is already 8 months old. Short and sweet.

Teeth: two bottom teeth. two razor-sharp choppers. these came in a few months back. he goes through teething spells, but so far no new teeth.

Hair: is really filling in now, and as it does, it's becoming darker and more unwieldy. it's pretty straight like joe's hair.

Temperament: continues to be very expressive. there is no ambiguity in reading jonas' feelings. he's quite inquisitive. lights up around other children and animals. i'd say he's pretty patient except for once he's run out of patience, and there is never any advance warning on that. all in all, jonas is a 'good baby'.

I was so excited to use this little gadget with the netting so that Jonas could try some fresh fruit. I served up some nice fresh banana. You can see that it did not go over so well. First, there was the grimace. Then, the banging of the holder on the tray of the walker and ultimately the chucking of the holder onto the floor.

Weight/height: Jonas is a burly 23 pounds. no idea on the length. he's pretty tall.

Favorite toys:
1) WALKER -- this one's been a fav since he first sat in it. what's changed is that he went form cruising around nicely to playing Autobahn Bumper Car. He slingshots around the kitchen slamming into walls, doors and cabinets, bounces off them and runs in the opposite direction. we laugh ourselves silly.
2) WOODEN PULL TOY (chicken) -- even though it's wooden and weighs a couple fo pounds, he still treats it as a chew toy. there are little teeth gouges in the wood now on chick's head.

Eyes: still bluer than blue. I've come to accept they are not going to change.

Size: He's in 12 mos. clothing, in some brands we're moving toward 18 mo., particularly for pants. Jonas is l-o-n-g. So for some things even if it's not too small, per se, it's definitely too short. Looks ridiculous. This weekend I absolutely have to go and get him some larger onesie undershirts. I have been trying to "stuff him" into the 9 mos. ones, and now the grommetted snaps are beginning to come loose. That's a sign, wouldn't you say?

Communication: the 30-second ahhhh's and ohhhh's of six months have been replaced with ba-ra-ra-ra, vvvvvv, ah-ba-ba-ba, and ma-ma-mama sounds. we definitely feel as though he thinks he's communicating with our words. i hope to start signing with him soon.

Cutest sign of affection: when jonas is picked up he often "hugs" the person who's holding him and pats them on their arm or back.

Chase mode?: no, we're not in chasing mode, yet. jonas sits and rolls very well. i've seen him working on the beginnings of an army crawl. he's not up on his hands and knees yet. i think it maybe awhile before he crawls. But, he LOVES to stand up near structures like the bathtub wall. Maybe he'll skip the crawling and opt for the cruising instead.

Jonas and Ginger are dear pals. They sit together in the office.


Judy MSM said...

It worked Lizzy!

Loved the election and I was really happy that Ohio and Colorado went the "right" way!

Jonas is beautiful. I really don't know about that Halloween stuff -- I guess I was really out of it, poor Andy!

Gotta go to bed, conferences tomorrow and then we'll be going to Fort Niagara (my favorite thing to do) but the best thing about this weekend is that Andy is coming home; it's always nice to see him. Take care and thanks. Love, Judy, Jack and Andy!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Great post Liz - and so happy you finished it successfully so I could go to bed last night ;-)

Anonymous said...

He is soooo cute!! I just love his eyes! You know the girls will go crazy over them!
Yey, for the election!!! Ohio did the right thing for once....Mike couldn't be happier (as well and Christine and myself). So exciting.
"talk" to you soon!

Marlena said...

look at those two geezers! I like that he is using that pop up toy!