Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary - 5 years

Five years ago today on a brilliant late autumn afternoon like today we were exchanging wedding vows among friends and family. How time has flown. In some ways it seems like just yesterday and in others like it was many chapters ago, but always it remains a momentous day, filled with beautiful memories.

Leading up to this big weekend we both had ambitious plans on how to celebrate this special anniversary. There was a trip back to The Birches Inn in Connecticut, where we got married, but then we learned it had closed. There was a trip to Lake Placid, another to New York.

In the end we took Jonas to a small little Japanese restaurant, one of our preferred sushi places. A flashing light on Jonas' toy rattle replaced the flickering candles. And the heart-warming tones of Jonas' squeals replaced nice background music. We ate lots of sushi and laughed at our son.

For the record we have a babysitter for tomorrow so that we can spend some time alone.

But all told, it was a really nice anniversary. I couldn't be happier.


molly price said...

AWWW! That is just a lovely scene you set. Congratulations to you guys!

Judy MSM said...

Hi Lizzy. Hope you and Joe had a wonderful anniversary. I've read the last three posts but have put off writing a reply until tonight.I gotta find a glass of wine. Your post concerning memorable events the year Jonas was born was "lovely." (a good year!) All those times I took Andy to vote with me, and I suppose we do have heated discussions, I mean how can you not have those with Jack? We have our Obama sign up also...Evelyn does too. Aren't we committed...or probably will be. I gotta go watch the returns (this is just driving me to distraction)...and find that glass of wine. You be good. We love you all. Judy