Friday, November 28, 2008

Jonas discovers Norman Rockwell

During my mom's Thanksgiving visit we took a scenic ride out to West Stockbridge, MA, to check out the Norman Rockwell Museum. Mom's a huge N. Rockwell fan and thought that it's never to early to start imparting some of her passion for Mr. Rockwell to her grandson.

Grammie and Jonas by the miniature train village.

It's a great museum, although truth be told, I didn't get to read all of the little write-ups next to each painting or frame. I was bouncing, shushing, and rocking a very gabby and bubbly baby through the galleries. He didn't seem as interested as I was in reading all the good work of the curatorial staff, but he sure caught the eye of one complementary docent. :-)

Mom and Jonas took a break downstairs in the "art zone" where Jonas could blow off some steam and play with the blocks.

After I had a chance to go back and see a few more paintings, I joined them.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'm sure we'll be visiting again soon. Maybe then I'll have a few more minutes to read the descriptions.

After our excursion to the museum, we stopped off at a terrific little deli-cafe in Great Barrington, called Bizalion. I struggled to decide on just one sandwich as I drank in the site of a hundred delectable French and Italian goods--a huge collection of cheeses, saucissons secs, aromatic olive oils, condiments imported from France, and on and on it went. I finally settled on a prosciutto panino with mozerelle, tapenade and pesto. It was glorious. A perfect way to end a fun and educational (??) trip.

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Marlena said...

I had no idea they had a children's section. I just might have to make a trip out there, it seems like a great holiday thing to do! I went there years ago and I really liked his studio, which I think was a stand alone cottage. I'm not sure if they still have that or not. I guess it doesn't matter is there's a kids zone!