Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mom & Baby yoga

This week we attended our second mom & baby yoga class. I'll bet your wondering, "now, how in the world does that work? a bunch of babies aged 6 wks to 9 mos doing downward dog? right. " Can't you just see it?

In fact there is not a lot of yoga going on. It's not like a regular class. The focus is primarily on the babies. We play games with them, sing to them and do little stretches with them. It's so fun, and I think Jonas really enjoys it. I'm learning all kinds of baby songs and games, as well as a bit about baby massage.

We're living it up because we can only attend one session. Soon Mom will have to go back to work and we'll just have to practice at home. But will Mom remember any of it?? That is the question.

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