Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 months!!

Yay, Jonas is officially 8 weeks old!

One of the best developments in the past few weeks is that Jonas has learned to smile, the REAL smile. How cute is this??

He still watches his mobile a lot. I am amazed at how long it can hold his attention. The other day I put him under it for a minute or two while tidying something in his room. He waved and laughed and kicked at it. Five minutes went by, then 8, then 10, 15. He loves it! He was nearly there for 20-25 minutes. Hey, I'll take whatever time I can get. Meanwhile, I managed to clean up his whole room and complete a clothes sorting project, which is very important these days as he's blowing through his clothes reserve.

Here's another thing that makes me laugh my ass off. Jonas is losing the hair that he was born with to new hair (still in the soft fuzz stage), but what's so comical is the hair loss pattern. Check out this photo:

He looks like he has been attacked and buzzed by a pair of errant clippers.

He's lost lots of hair on the left side of his head because I often put him to sleep on his side. It's coming out on the right side too, but not anywhere near as fast. Sometimes I fluff up all the hair in the middle so it looks like a mohawk. Then it looks like he's got this stylin' 'do.

As I write this, Jonas is passed out on my lap taking a nap. I'm a prisoner to my bed and laptop until he wakes up. After all, who wants to wake a sleeping baby?! He is laughing and laughing. What in the world is so funny to an 8 week old?

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