Saturday, April 5, 2008

You do what you have to

As I was just typing out an email to a friend, it dawned on me the "adjustments" that we have to make to get anything accomplished with an infant. While Joe is out for a run this morning, I thought that I'd get a few emails written. Jonas had been resting peacefully in his bouncer chair sucking away on his pacifier. So it was an opportune moment. No sooner did I sit down and he changed his mind. "I don't want to be in this chair any more. And I definitely don't want this stupid pacifier!" After I picked up the pacifier for nth time, I took him out of the chair and strapped him into the baby bjorn. It works every time.

The trick is that I've got to move about a bit. I washed up the latest round of bottles and watered the plants, bouncing around and swaying when he started fidgeting. Then I went to the computer. I WILL get these emails done--whatever it takes. So, here's what it takes:

We listen to some music (Jonas likes John Mayer's Continuum album), and as I type, I try to either rock or do twists, whatever induces him back into a sleep. This is not easy for someone who was not a good multi-taker before motherhood and is even worse at multi-tasking with a baby, if it could get to a worse stage. Sometimes I have stop typing to concentrate on the movement and then start typing again. Of course, by then I've lost my train of thought. But hey, we do have to do. Besides, maybe somehow or another it'll forge more right brain-left brain connections. You can never have too many of those, and I think I've lost quite a few in the last few months.

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