Saturday, April 5, 2008

Almost six weeks

We got out for our longest walk this week. It's so great to get OUTSIDE!!!

Jonas has begun studying our faces. He watches the flashing lights on his swing with purpose. He vocalizes more with oohs and ahhs and gurgles. His newest sound is "geuh". I find this amusing because this is what I always call GE, "the geuh". :-)

I can't believe how much I enjoy just observing him. I put him in his crib and turn on the mobile. He watches it spin around. I in turn could just watch him for tens of minutes doing this while I wonder what's going on in that little baby brain. What is he seeing? He kicks and "strums" his fingers in the air with excitement and intrigue.

He has gotten so long. He was in the 90 something percentile in height at our last dr visit two weeks ago. I notice this all the time when I put him in the bouncer chair, or when he's stretched out on the boppy pillow. I can picture so clearly when he looked so tiny in the papasan chair just a few weeks ago.

The many faces of Jonas...

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Anonymous said...

As a couple of triathletes contemplating having children, I've loved reading your blog over the last few months. In all your spare time(!), keep it up. Beautiful young son!!!