Sunday, May 4, 2008

Second month progress report

Look at how our little guy has grown! He's a little tanker. Jonas is up to 14 pounds, 25 inches. The first photo is from 1 week old. Compare it to now. He's rapidly outgrowing the papasan chair. He likes his little blue elephant toy, especially its crinkly ears.

Mommy and baby

We've been working on a little hand-eye coordination lately.

This is one of our favorite games, which I call "punch the bunny". :-)

Jonas playing with the "activity gym".

A few notes on the latest...
  • He smiles and laughs regularly. This makes EVERYTHING better. The crying and intermittent sleep, getting vomited all over--I can handle anything now that he smiles.
  • Jonas did well for his first vaccination. No fever, crankiness, etc. I was sweating it the most, I think. I felt so sick to my stomach when we took him to the appointment. We're spacing out the shots, though, so maybe that has a role to play here.
  • His neck is considerably stronger; he looks around a lot now when I hold him up to my shoulder. But on occasion he head butts me and it never fails that he gets me right in the mouth. Ouch!
  • He's lost at least half of the hair he was born with. I'm not sure if it'll all fall out. Interesting hair loss pattern. (It's just kind of all over the place.) Sure hope it doesn't come out like this when he's 40.

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