Friday, May 9, 2008

April trip to Syracuse

Here are some photos from our recent trip to Syracuse. We went to visit Jonas' grandparents and also to meet his two great-grandmothers for the first time. Unfortunately one great grandmother was not able to see us for health reasons. We'll just have to wait til next time.

Four generations

Joe, Mima, Jonas, Nana (Joe's grandmother)

Jonas and Mima

Mima makes everything better.

Jonas and Toto

We had a yummy family dinner at Tony's. Lasagna!

I'm looking at Jonas who's in his chair.

"I'm not having lasagna. I'm just hanging out. I've already had my dinner. I have the same thing every meal. The lack of variety doesn't bother me. I only know this one thing, and I think it's pretty good."

This was amazing. "Mr. Nelson", Tony's and Jim's cat, who by the way is the most reclusive cat I've ever met, was captivated by Jonas. Wherever Jonas was, Mr. Nelson was close by throughout the weekend. I guess Jonas brings out the best in everyone.

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Joseph Vinciquerra said...

I love this post Liz! Especially the "comments from Jonas" regarding dinner ;-)