Monday, February 18, 2008

Week 39: T minus FIVE days!

Hello, hello! I see you're checking in wondering "well, has it happened yet?" Nope. No signs of baby, yet.

When are we going to get to meet you, Baby??

We saw the midwife today and she said that everything's looking good. I'm feeling relatively good, just really HEAVY. The baby continues to lower. Something occured to me yesterday, as I felt him skirming downward: "oh shit, this thing's got to pass through my pelvis!" Now, I've seen a skeletal model or two, and it just doesn't look "roomy" enough for a baby to get through--even if he is a tiny, little thing. It's probably best for me to just not think about it, but now that I can feel the effects of it, it's hard for me not to spend lots of time overanalyzing the mechanics of this.

Joe nicely requested that I not have the baby last weekend, because he had a few things to do and would rather take some time off work. No baby over the weekend. Now, Joe's submitted his request for the labor to start tomorrow because he doesn't want to go to work. It doesn't exactly work this way, I tried to explain to him. He reluctantly accepts this, but I can tell he's skeptical. As far as I'm concerned, it can happen any day now and it won't be too soon!

I started drinking the red raspberry leaf tea and got the go ahead to take the evening primrose oil. I might just hold off on the primrose oil for another day or two. My luck, it'll go straight to work and open the flood gates.

Keep checking in...


Judy MSM said...

It's weird how all of this comes back as clearly as if it were yesterday. I guess there are some things you never forget especially something so amazing. Boy, Liz, you really are a very considerate person(wife)...not having Baby V last weekend! And, I think childbirth is a great "excuse" not to go to work! Snow days are easier. We're thinking of you! Ahhh, those last days!

Anonymous said...

Well Joe-no schedules when it comes to child birth-yes lizzy it will happen soon I know you are ready-I wish I could reach out and give you a big hug and kiss and send you on your way to a beautiful event-Love Mom V

Judy MSM said...

Hey always have the nicest things to the right thing at the right time. I wish you ...and Sandy could be there to give Lizzy hug...and Joe too! Isn't it exciting!