Sunday, February 24, 2008

A birthday, but no baby

Way to go, baby. You missed your birthday. Well, you're young, so we'll cut you some slack.

Was it possible? Well, I suppose. Remotely possible. Was it likely? Not a chance. Not with my genes, or Joe’s genes. Now, for as long as I’ve known Joe’s parents, I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest a punctuality issue. Joe is a different story. He was born late and continues to demonstrate a 50% likelihood of running overdue. Since my proclivity toward tardiness runs deep on my side, I may have passed on stronger gene for being late.

February 23, while looming large in my mind for months, was in the end not that different other Saturdays, although we made a point to take it easy and have fun together. We finished errands and grocery shopping by 1:00, a first, and then came back and puttered around the house for a bit. A few kick ass rounds of Rummy were played at the kitchen table, along with three games of Mancala. Look how happy Joe looks here.

Don’t be deceived. He lost. *I* am the premiere card and Mancala player in our house.

After our afternoon workout, a long walk, in hopes of forcing that baby downward, we whipped up a terrific recipe that we found in Everyday Food—thanks to my stepmom Judy and Dad, who gave us the subscription for Christmas. The recipe was for Shrimp and Cabbage Lo Mein. Sounds very Chinese flavored, but it really wasn’t. The cabbage was subtle and not overabundant, and the light soy-ginger sauce was just the right touch.

We wrapped up the night with three episodes of LOST, Kodiak Cakes brownies and birthday cake (not the baby’s, but a friend’s). It doesn’t get much better. Only three more episodes to go until we finish the third season, and the plan is to wrap those up today. At least we’ll finish the season before Baby arrives.

Keep your fingers crossed for some action in the next few days.


Judy MSM said...

Well, can always look at this as genetic, but I think it's a pharmaceutical blunder. Did you take that pregnancy test several days in a row or did you take it one day or several times in one day? As I said, Andy was two days late...genetics? Perhaps...we are always late, sad to say, but those drug companies could be part of the problem! Joe looks good even when he loses. Your dad was convinced that your little bundle would come last night. I say tomorrow : )!!!
The weather is a little that I think about it, when Andy was born on March 28 he came home in a snow storm...The things you remember. Enjoy the anticipation! We love you and are thinking about you A LOT lately. Judy M

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Liz. I'm so excited for you. Christine came a week early but I think her due date may have been incorrect...I'm not sure. I have a teacher friend here who is pregnant and I showed her your picture (the one of you on the couch, smiling away). She is only 4 months and she said, "She looks so pretty and happy!" You're a strong woman,'ll do well. Mike is working for Obama alot and I am not seeing him much, as you can imagine..oh well, gotta love campaign season.

Anonymous said...

any news yet?
Jonathan, England

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz. Has your little guy made his big debut yet? Alison