Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 28: Quick Update.

Oy, vey. Week 28? Already? It's just hitting me that we've got like 11 weeks to go, give or take a few. Eleven really isn't all that many.

So let's see. What's new and exciting these days?

  • Baby's kicks are getting stronger. Whereas I used to feel like I had a small school of fish zipping around in there, I now have feeling that Baby V is learning Elaine Bennis' famous dance moves.

  • The bucket seats in our car are changing shape. Someone really should alert car manufacturers to this. I never had any problems with the car seats before. Now, with each passing week I seem to be sitting ever deeper in them, so deep that pretty soon my knees will be up by my ears! Needless to say, this makes exiting the car rather challenging. By the time we end up going to the hospital, I'm going to have to use a UPS truck.

  • The potato obsession has passed. The tator tots and veggie sausage last Thursday didn't cut it. Fortunately, the local Wendy's got their S#!t together by Saturday (Joe, did you call ahead??), and I got my "chili cheese pot".** Half an order of fries were necessary for the dessert course.
**Look at the receipt next time you order up one of these babies. That's really how the baked potatoe with cheese shows up on the ticket!

  • Velcro shoes will be in serious need in the next few weeks. Remember the kangaroos from the 80's?

Or, perhaps I could really spoil myself with some of these jobs...

In any case, bending over to lace up the shoes is getting ridiculous.

That's all for now. I didn't have time to take a photo for this posting, but I'll have lots to post for Turkey Day.

Best wishes to all for the holidays. Thanks for reading and check in again soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to leave a comment again. We love the blog!! So glad you are giving all of us the joy of going through the pregnancy with you. Love Mom

PS I love the velcros!!