Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Thanksgiving sans Baby

This year’s Thanksgiving was low-key, but fully satisfying, nonetheless. Our plans to spend the great turkey weekend with Sarah and Matt in Los Angeles curbed all grandiose plans for Thanksgiving day. With a 5 a.m. Friday flight the day called for an easy meal and some good R&R.

A must for every Vinciquerra holiday kick-off is a good run. Joe ran "bandit" in our neighborhood 5k in Central Park. To hear about that one, go here.

A glimpse of race-day morning fog.

As Ginger and I walked over to the Park to cheer him on, I marveled at how different this year’s festivities would be compared to just twelve months ago. At this very moment last year, I was lacing up my shoes and donning all the other necessary wintery apparel for the Troy Turkey Trot, after which we would gorge ourselves on a sumptuous turkey dinner at my friend Linda’s house. Today, the meal would be more modest in its offerings, and, I am lucky to be able to reach my feet to lace up my shoes. Running feels distant, like that fun and exhilarating vacation that you took awhile back. You vividly remember the experience, but you acknowledge with a certain degree of sadness that you won’t be able to get back there any time soon.

While I did not have the excitement of an invigorating holiday 5k, the morning was not without surprise. Ginger saw to that. Thank you, Ginger. As Joe zipped his way around the course (illegally!), Ginger and I wandered through the park making our way to the finish. She sniffed around the edge of a small embankment and took care of a little business. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then, 2 seconds later, she was taking me for “ride”, on my bum down the hill over leaves, sticks, and all! It was actually quite scary because I wasn't sure where this joyride was going to stop and I had visions of getting turned over on my stomach. I ended up getting "stuck" astride a little tree. Ouch. Fortunately, Ginger stopped too. The hot pursuit of a hidden tennis ball ended at the base of the tree next to me.

The three of us after the race. Notice Ginger's body language. She's feeling a bit remorseful about dragging the pregnant woman down the hill. Naughty girl!

The thing that made the day all better was the delectable dinner to which I was treated by Joe. He's such a good cook. He'd been carefully reading through all the recipes in the Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appetit since it arrived, meticulously planning our meal. He made a turkey breast with sage and pancetta, a dressing with rosemary bread and 3 kinds of mushrooms, a mouth-watering gravy, and green beans.

Joe carving up his piece de resistance.

Everything was indescribably good. I made a pumpkin pie, which we shared with our neighbors later that night. It was a perfect way to end a our intimate and relaxing holiday.

Ginger wonders if her antics for the day will prevent her from sampling the holiday goodness. Fortunately for her, her "parents" are kind and forgiving and she got more than she really deserved. :-)

Time to eat!

More soon on our trip to L.A. ...

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Anonymous said...

you look beautiful at the table! And Joe your dinner sounds wonderful. Love to both Mom-PS love to Ginger and behave.