Friday, June 12, 2009

Jonas update - 15 months

Thought it would be good to give an update. It's been awhile since the last one.

Jonas is great! He is into everything now. He walks well, which gives him full access to the house. (Thank God for gates!) He's developing running skills so that he can run away once he's pilfered our prize possessions.

We spend a lot of time playing the Grunt and Name Game, which involves Jonas pointing toward something, issuing the inquisitive grunt and looking to us to provide a name. This daily ritual occurs every morning when I go into his room to get him. Before being lifting him out of the crib, he points to everything in and around it. Once, he's satisfied, he lifts his arms up meaning, "Ok, Muh-mum, I'm ready now."

Last weekend, he started saying "muh" (mama) and "da" (daddy), and for the first time we were certian that he was actually referring to us and not just making those sounds. This was incredibly exciting. Finally! Sometimes he says, "Mah" and sometimes it's "Mah-mum". Ditto with "Da" and "Dada".

Here are a few other things:

*Daddy Long Legs. There is no question about it; Jonas has inherited the gene for long legs, much to my delight. This month, Jonas has shot up in height. One day I looked at his legs and the chub was almost all gone. They totally leaned out and lengthened a good deal!

*Choppers. He's got a full set of choppers, even molars. The last teeth to break through are the two upper canines.

*Superb begging skills - Jonas has a nearly insatiable appetite. I can't BELIEVE the amount of food this kid can put away. Moreover, he's become a masterful beggar of food. We've learned that if you don't want to share something with Jonas, hide what you're eating at all costs. Once he spots you, next thing you know, he's standing beside you, eyebrows raised with this pleading look, "feed me please, lady. No one ever feeds me around here."

He stacks up all his blocks on this little push cart and drives it around, over everything! Including, feet, paws, you name it.

He likes all push and pull toys.

* Waving. We worked on waving for a long time and now he's pretty good at it. Granted, half the time he waves goodbye after the person has already left, or can no longer see him.

*Morning Person. Jonas is definitely a morning person, like his mother. He is an absolute delight in the morning. Afternoon gets dicey. Evening... run for the hills.

This is another of his favorite toys. It's a tractor and wagon with farm animals. When you press the smoke stack it rolls forward. There is also a horn and a very annoying "Old MacDonald" song. Apparently, with toys that make sounds, the most fun is had when re-playing the sounds at least 20 times.

Here, Jonas had just caused the tractor to drive right off the table. It crashed down making a very loud noise. Jonas was concerned for a moment. Then he tried to do it again.

*Table manners
. We're working on these, but Jonas is making good progress with the spoon and spork (spoon-fork combo). When he gets annoyed with not managing to get the utensil into his mouth, he puts the food on the spoon with the other hand, or just pops it into his mouth. I love watching him pinch yogurt to put it on the spoon!

*Tantrums. We've just turned the bend and crossed right into Tantrum Territory. My friends tell me we'll be in this phase until he's about 2. Great. I have to admit that my threshold for tantrum crying is growing. It's a slow battle, though.

There are so many other funny things he does, but I suppose I should save something for future entries. At least, you have a better idea now.

Thanks for checking in!

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