Thursday, June 18, 2009


We're really enjoying this age for Jonas. He's mobile, he's communicating (who cares if it's on a caveman level), and he's interested in everything, especially other kids.

That makes playdates much more exciting. "Playdates" in the first year of life were much more about the moms getting together, putting the kids side by side, and chatting the afternoon away. The kids laid--or sat--there playing independently with rattles or tag toys. Don't get me wrong, I *loved* talking with my mom friends, and for certain, it's much harder to get in a quality conversation these days. However, now that Jonas is mobile, a whole new world has opened up to him. And that makes me so excited for him.

For the first time, he can really play with older kids. He mostly tags along as their understudy, but he's in heaven!

This is Jonas' friend Owen. The boys hung out one Saturday morning while their moms were selling some good loot at a yard sale.

Owie is a "big boy." He knows how to walk nicely down the sidewalk and to take hands at the street corner (even though this is just a driveway). These two were so cute together!

The funniest thing about their time together was the eating part. Owen was very interested in showing Jonas his toys, explaining what they were, how they worked, etc. Jonas listened attentively, but his primary objective was to eat ALL the food that Marlena had set out on the table: fresh strawberries, a bagel and yogurt. Owen had a bite or two of the bagel, a few strawberries and a spoonful of yogurt. I think Jonas finished not only his own food, but most of Owen's too!

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Marlena said...

liz, I love it! so cute. esp the road crossing caption! OHHHHH two geezers, sure to be great friends!