Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We had such a nice Father's Day. Father's Day and Mother's Day were, I confess, more memorable this year than last since we actually sleep at night now. Joe went out for a long bike ride; I hit the trails. Jonas created a homemade card for Da-da. I crafted my own present for him. We wrapped up the afternoon with a great chat over coffee while Jonas entertained us. Here are (more than just) a few photos.

Above is Jonas' card that he made at daycare. We also made one at home with dinosaur stickers and crayons scribbles.

I made a few "collages" of old race numbers and photos to hang on the wall in his work shop area. He used to hang them up around his workbench in the basement. One day they all disappeared. I thought they needed more of a permanent installation.

Jonas entertaining us over coffee. He's getting in his canines, these days.

Jonas and Da-da.

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Anonymous said...

Make sure you are archiving all of this,Liz,because this really is the good stuff of life. I'm so glad your Mother and Father Days were memorable this year. It onloy gets better! Love Mom