Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look!! I'm walking!

One of the most exciting things these days is that Jonas is finally getting the hang of walking. Two weekends ago everything just started to click for him.

He had walked a few times, every now and again, over the past few months, but the cautious side of Jonas much preferred the safety of crawling over walking for a good while. We thought he would have been ready two months ago! But everyone told us, "Be patient. They walk when they're good and ready." And so we waited.

We still giggle with excitement watching him toddle along. He has a definite Frankenstein style walk. The other signature of Jonas' gait is how high he picks up his feet off the ground. Think of what it would look like if you were watching someone trying to run with buckets on each of their feet. Yep, now you get the idea. It's hilarious.

Here he is at the park two weeks ago when he walked nearly 5 feet before losing his balance and falling down. That was just the beginning!

One week later. Now he looks like a pro on two feet. Check out how chubby they are! I love how he digs his little chub-kin toes into the floor when standing.

He was "helping" Auntie Sarah in this photo.


Anonymous said...

Wait until you see how fast he goes from walking to running and you have to start chasing!
Yay Jonas!

The Perkins Elementary School said...

Liz, he's so damn cute! I miss you guys!
Changed my blog URL and am starting to post a little again:

The Perkins Elementary School said...

Oh, sorry about my name - it is actually Shannon! HAHA!