Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun at the park

Our neighborhood park just installed a beautiful new playground. Out came the 60's era swings, teeter-totters and animals on a corkscrew spring, and in went rock-climbing walls, toddler-sized slides and a sandbox with sand!

Jonas thinking about climbing UP the slide.

The city must have gotten the money in the previous year's budget, otherwise, I can't see how this would have been possible. In any case, we are thoroughly availing ourselves of it and having a great time at it!

Mima helping Jonas go down the slide. He LOVED it!

We took a little break and played in the leaves by the fence. Ginger was standing on the opposite side watching all the fun.

A little boy around 2 1/2 came by to pet Ginger. Jonas just stared at the kid in awe while he talked to us.

One last time, Jonas, before we go...

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Judy MSM said...

Lizzy -- Boy do I remember those days...Andy, Patrick and I must have hit every park within a l5 mile radius of Conneaut and for years we did that. No wonder I put so many miles on my cars! Jonas is getting so old and better looking every day. Between my student teacher and the annual "art show" I seem to have no time, at least I'm not sick! I do want to sit down and go back over all your blog entries...I feel as if things are moving way to quickly. Love to all. Judy