Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on the teeth

Because some kind souls have inquired, here's a very quick update on the teeth situation.

The good news:

*I still have all my teeth (with a caveat, see below)

*I do not have to get a handsome set of false teeth like George's... yet.

*My new dentist is awesome. Two things in life every woman needs: a great OBGYN (or midwife!) and a great dentist.

Here's the bad news:

*I will have to have a tooth extracted within one to five years. (I'm counting on 1 since my "dental luck" is sh!t.)

*I will need an implant, which I've heard is fairly painful. Super...

*It'll cost a small fortune. Maybe we can sell our house and just live in the station wagon. I think it'll fit all of us.

So, there you have it.

A few other things worth mentioning:

*I endured three procedures and the cacophony of multiple drilling instruments for two and a half hours, a "p.r." for me.

*Did I mention that the different sounds of the drills are like a constant scraping of fingernails down the chalkboard, only worse?

*At this point, I can even distinguish the assortment of drill bits by sound. I feel like that should help me win a talent contest.

*I lost all circulation in my hands from squeezing them so hard.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear of your teeth!! We just returned from the hospital. I had to stay with David for a few days as, at only 3.5 weeks, he somehow caught rotavirus. Luckily, there's a vaccine for this horrible virus now but they don't give it until 2 months. He's fine after a spinal tap, bloodwork, etc. It was horrible. Thank God he's fine and all is well now...he had awesome nurses that really took care of both him and me (as I was trying to be brave but was a wreak on the inside).
I am enjoying my maternity leave and NOT looking forward to going back to teach at that awful place..I have my resumes out so, hopefully.
I hope you're tooth situation improves...there is nothing like that drill sound..eww.

Anonymous said...

Lizzy: I know how you feel. They should make some sort of silent drills, They have such a different range of sounds when they drill. All of it is not good!!! I had to have a tooth repair 2 weeks ago it was nothing compared to what you have endured and it was 45 min too long for me. You need a present of soft cookies from me. I will bring them down when I come. Just for you!!! Love M