Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plans foiled

I had planned to write an entry on cupcakes tonight. I was all ready to turn the kitchen upside down (according to Joe this is part of my "baking method") making cupcakes for Jonas' birthday celebration at daycare.

Unfortunately, I got a call today in the afternoon saying that he had come down with a stomach bug. There was no speculation about it. He spelled it out, nice and clear, for everyone at daycare. I'll leave it at that. :-)

So tonight, there will be no making of cupcakes. We'll save that for tomorrow night--hopefully. Instead I'll probably spend much of the night consoling an unhappy little guy. He's been up twice already since I put him down.

Not exactly the festive way to usher in the first birthday, Jonas. I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be much better. It better be, or I'll have to eat the whole cake myself.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're having great fun tonight! Much love to you all. Joe, feel better soon! Jonas, start playing with those new toys pretty soon. Liz, don't eat all the cake. I'll call tomorrow. Love Mom