Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jonas!

Dear Jonas, We can't believe a whole year has gone by! You're an absolute delight. We're the luckiest parents. We love you so much. Happy first birthday, Baby V. Love, Mama & Dah-dah

Here's a look at Jonas' first year in 20 seconds.

One month

Jonas still has a bit of a cone-head at one month. He still grimaces exactly the same way, today.
I can't believe how big that sleeper is on him here. He grew out of it so quickly.

Two months
He went through a phase in which he lost all of that beautiful hair he was born with.

Three months

He's finally got most of the new hair in.

Four months
The discovery of the walker was akin to man's discovery of fire.

Five months
Jonas learned all the finer
points of overhauling a bike.

Six months
The signature arched eyebrows.

Seven months

Eight months
Don't all firemen eat leaves?

Nine months
What a ham.

Ten months
"Reading" the Thomas the Train pop-up book.

Eleven months

One year!


Marlena said...

Happy Birthday Jonas! I love seeing the progression over the last year--really cute. I can't help but say that Jonas looks a lot like Joe in the picture where he is losing his hair. he he he. Although it's not the hair part, just the look! (:

Linda Passaretti said...

Happy Birthday, Jonas! Lizzie, you are doing such a great job with this blog. Jonas will so NOT need therapy. You should write a book on good parenting (and give me a small cut for the idea...). Have a great weekend!

Andy said...

Happy birthday, Jonas! I'll be calling later today.

And I love how you posted this at approximately 3:52am, Liz. :)