Thursday, January 3, 2008

Creating a space for Baby - phase 1

My mom came to visit New Year's weekend. We had a great, albeit short, visit. Together, the three of us accomplished major things, at the top of the list is the progress that we made on the baby's room.

I've always liked this room because it gets so much sunlight. It used to be a guest room, but we never really completed it (with paint, curtains, etc.) because we knew it wouldn't remain a guest room forever.

Joe painted the walls last week, while he was on vacation. We found a great paint that has zero VOCs at Sherwin Williams. I would highly recommend it, if you're considering a painting project. There were virtually no fumes!

He painted the top half of the wall a light cream color, "travertine", and the lower half a tan color. It's the color of cappuccino, I'd say. All this, he did in advance of my mom's visit so that we could move on to phase 2 on Saturday.

What a guy!

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mom said...

Nice pictures! I agree, Joe did a great job with the painting! What a team you two make! It was really fun to see the steps to creating this darling room.

I wish more people would share their thoughts on your blog.