Saturday, January 5, 2008

Creating a space for Baby - phase 2

With the walls freshly painted (thank you Joe!) phase 2 began bright and early last Saturday morning. My mom and I were ready to hang the wall paper border. It's not hard to do, but quite a messy affair. The wall paper adhesive oozes out and drips all over the place. Definitely a two person job!

Joe wanted to replace all the electrical sockets in the room and the light switch. The old ones were all cracked, some even broken. It sure pays to have an engineer in the house.

My mom worked for hours cleaning up an antique rope bed that we brought back from Ohio last summer. I hadn't used it since high school. After sitting in storage for nearly 15 years it needed a lot of elbow grease and Murphy's Oil Soap. My mom's a pro, though. She did a great job and it looks beautiful now!

Now it's time to clean up this place!

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mom said...

Phase 2! It was really fun-I wouldn't have missed it. I love the colors. Kids will too.

On to the next entry. Mpm