Sunday, March 8, 2009

Harbinger of spring

Well, it's officially spring here at our house. In spite of how it reads, that doesn't necessarily mean consistently warm weather, flowers, green grass, and balmy temps. It means that Joe resurfaces from the basement and starts riding outside again.

I'm happy for Joe. He's been going a little stir crazy in January and February, which in turn makes me a little loony.

Never again will this gear set be so sparkling clean.

This will probably be a common scene for the next several months. As Daddy heads out for a ride, Jonas and I will spend lots of time climbing around on the new equipment at "our" park, taking walks--sometimes runs--and hanging around with Ginger.

Hang in there, Jonas. Your time will come soon.

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Judy MSM said...

Ahhh, yes, spring. Isn't it great! Of course we didn't have recess at school today because the wind/chill was well below 20...the kids are like caged animals, oops, so are the teachers. It is nice getting out though and we all need it. I remember those days at our parks...Andy and I went to anyone we could find. We spent hours pretending. I remember taking my niece Joanna to the park by her home in Lakewood, CO. It was much more "up-scale" then those in Conneaut but we still had fun. Another thing I did with Andy and the kid next door was drive around town searching out all the dead end streets and making a big deal out of having to turn around. How desperate were we?! Now I couldn't afford to do that! We really did that...a lot...very weird. I'm still tired...I've got to get those vitamins. Take care. He's looking more handsome every day...Jonas (and Joe). Love to all. Judy