Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day by day

During uncertain times, I've always found the advice, "just take it day by day", good counsel to follow. Below are ten highlights of my day.

1. Listening to Jonas get "out of breath" when he drinks from his sippy cup, which he has finally gotten the hang of.

2. Enjoying "bonus free time" to work in the yard (spring clean up) while Jonas took two, uncommonly long naps.

3. Seeing the first courageous blades of grass poke up through the hard-packed earth.

4. Reveling in the absence of snow. Seems strange to me to write this, as I love ALL the seasons, winter included. But this year, we really had three relentless months of hard-core winter.

5. Witnessing Jonas take SIX steps in a row until he dove into my arms. I think we're going to have a walker here really soon, folks.

6. Savoring an awesome mayonaise-free coleslaw recipe with chicken sausage "dogs" along with my guys.

7. Being amused as Jonas repeatedly produces his goofy laugh. It sounds like a forced laugh, and it seems like he does it just to hear himself laugh. Then, after he hears himself, he has a real laugh. And on and on, it goes, fiften times in a row.

8. Being struck when at dinner tonight Jonas started to mimic Ginger, who was panting. Ginger was waiting beside the table, hoping anyone would give her a morsel. She was especially excited about the chicken sausage, so at one point she started panting. Jonas had been watching her. All of a sudden he started panting with dramatic flair.

9. Laughing heartily as Jonas points to the image of the baby on the yogurt container with sharp-shooter precision. We've been doing this for a month now. "Jonas," I ask, "where is the baby?" The second he finds the baby, he puts the tip of his chubby little index finger right over the baby's face. Sorry, baby.

10. Having good health to be able to enjoy every moment of this.

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