Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's not this wee whipper-snapper who's the zombie, but his parents. That's because this adorable little boy has been keeping his parents up all night the past two nights. We don't really know why. He's not sick, not experiencing MAJOR teething issues--just awake. We wonder if he might be hungry, or if his sleep schedule is a little off.

Jonas isn't on a locked tight nap schedule YET... I just know he needs two naps a day. It's something of a balancing act to get him down (because he fights it every step of the way), before he gets over-tired. If/once he gets over-tired it's really hard to get to get him down. I try to keep him on the same schedule as daycare but sometimes it's hard to stick to it. I'm learning though. The hard way!! The consequences of missing those naps are not worth sneaking in that extra appointment or crossing that one extra thing off my list, instead of spending the time to get him down for some z's.

So now as we are a few hours away from tonight's bedtime, I'm wondering, 'will he go down easy tonight? will he stay aside for longer than 45 minutes?! Because I can't take another night of up and down.' "Jonas," I say to him in my stern mom voice, "Jonas, are you going to sleep well tonight like a good boy?" With a sparkle in his eye and an impish grin he laughs and buries his face in my shoulder, feigning shyness.

The devilish grin made it's first showing at age 2 months.

"Ugh," I sigh as I massage my weary, itchy eyes. I sure hope so.


Judy MSM said...

Hi Lizzy...Boy I DO remember those days--or nights--(I guess there are things one always remembers) but some how or other you survive them...sleepless nights are a real joy...too bad one has to get up to go to work! I wish I could tell you what worked with Andy but I don't seem to be able to remember THOSE! I do remember people telling me to just let him cry himself to sleep, which sometimes I know he did. I also remember looking in at him and he'd be wide awake babbling to himself. What's important is that he--and we--made it through those wonderful times! Jonas is so cute... that top picture is a real keeper. May everyone get a good night's sleep! :)
Love, Judy (and Jack and Andy...who loves looking at you blog too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys...I especially love the bottom picture! Impish-or devilish- hum, I'm not sure. He's great no matter how he looks. And I concur with Judy, somehow we do live through these nights. May be a small consolation right now- but the time will come when he sleeps and these nights will just be a memory. As she says- you will never forget them, however.

Love the blog-keep it coming,Liz!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I always tried to keep Christine as close to the daycare schedule at home as well. At first, it was tricky but it paid off when it clicked. Actually, it helped later on I think, too. She has her little routines even now at 4. We're flexible enough that she doesn't freak out if something changes but, that consistency at home of the feeding and nap routine was always easier on us. Enjoy those naps. We were lucky with Christine that, until this month, she took a 2 hour nap every day, right after lunch. She has started to skip them now..wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't pregnant and a bit tired and also in need of rest. Luckily, I'm in my 16th week and the first trimester lethargy has subsided.
Jonas is adorable!!