Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sleep again, at last!

Desperate to get more than 45 minutes of sleep at a time, given Jonas' recent waking up antics, we decided to try starting him on cereal, again. We tried in June, when he was 4 months, but he wasn't really into it. And, our pediatrician told us she'd prefer that he wait until 6 months. We were fine with that. No problem. But then, after this last round of not sleeping, we wondered if he was hungry. After all, he is 19+ pounds now.

We gave the cereal another try last Thursday and he LOVED it! It was hilarious. I couldn't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough. He was so excited. His arms were waving about with great fanfare. Twice he knocked the bowl out of my hand. Ginger was, of course, right there front and center, in case I wanted to share the contents of the bowl with her. She kept inching her way forward toward Jonas nudging me or him, which delighted him to no end. Jonas laughed and carried on so much with Ginger that I began to be concerned about him choking.

Anyway, the cereal did the trick. Jonas seems more satisfied and everyone is sleeping MUCH better.


Judy MSM said...

Lizzy...I forgot about that food thing. We sleep better when we are content (!) Now I remember. Sometimes doctors are very helpful. That Jonas is so cute. Thank you for continuing this blog...Love, Judy

Don't feel so good tonight...oh well. Take care.

Judy MSM said...

Where did I get that 25 pound thing. Must have been Andy! Oops

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy and Joey: The fun starts now with having more than his bottle. He will be more satisfied and will sleep better for you. I know I sleep better when I am content!! Love the pictures and I will talk to you both soon. Love you all Mom V