Monday, July 14, 2008

Just shy of 4 months (a few weeks ago), Jonas "discovered" Ginger. While Ginger has come around to check out Jonas every now and again in the past few months, she has gone largely unnoticed by Jonas, except on the occasion that she got in his face to sniff him. Then, he blinked a lot. But that's pretty much been his only reaction--until one day everything changed.

Ginger walked in front of Jonas and he let out a big squeal of delight. He puts his hands up to his face, raises his shoulders, squeezes his eyes closed and giggles with glee. I could watch this show for hours. Such sweet joy to hear Jonas laugh and to see Ginger so thoroughly enjoying the attention from him.

As the weeks have gone on, he has been increasingly entertained by Ginger. Today was a new first. Jonas "chased" Ginger around the basement. I was wearing Jonas in the baby bjorn (yay! first time since my surgery). The dog was begging to play, with tennis ball permanently affixed in the mouth. "We" started chasing Ginger around the basement. Gingie was in seventh heaven, and Jonas loved it. He was screaming and giggling and laughing non-stop for 10 minutes. He faces outward now in the Bjorn so he got to see everything as we did figure eights around the basement. I think he especially liked Ginger's reaction. Well, this is a cool game, I thought. It's free; it's easy; and it provides endless entertainment for all.

Just WAIT until Jonas starts eating from the high chair and food starts landing on the floor. Ginger and Jonas' relationship is going to jump to a whole new level. Ginger and Jonas are going to be the best of friends.


Judy MSM said...

Cute pictures Lizzy. A boy and his dog... the best relationship! We will eventually get those pictures of your Dad for you. Everything takes time -- especially with us. Gotta go to bed, Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

joey loved to tease Brandy-he would offer the food and as soon as brandy came up to get it-joey pulled his hand back and laughed and laughed-good times and wonderful happy days ahead as jonas and ginger bond. Love to all of you Mom V

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures, guys! Remember what fun we had with Shana!!?? Enjoy the mom