Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Three weeks old

Our little guy is three weeks old today. He's growing well now. He's a regular eating, sleeping and "eliminating" machine. I'm thrilled to report that he has finally gained back his birth weight. He had me worried there for a bit. In the beginning though he wasn't eating all that well, so I guess it makes sense. No worries about eating well now though. He eats frequently, consequently *I* eat all the time, which suits me just fine! When else will I be able to eat this much and not have to run 5 miles?

Jonas has also gained two inches. He's up to a sky-scraping 23 inches. He's managed to make it through 1 or 2 diaper changes without ratcheting up in hysterics in the past week and Monday's bath had only low level crying. Could he be adjusting??

He loves to be held near your chest. And he scruches up in a little ball. He looks like a koala bear. I've started carrying him around in the baby bjorn, which basically puts in him in that position, and, it frees up my hands, which is another great benefit. Typing with one hand, or scouring the sink with one hand, or making lunch with one hand is kind of a drag, not to mention wicked slow.

More photos soon...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're having fun! Very pleased to hear all going well.
We're off to Oz and NZ for 3 weeks now - I look forward to reading more when I return.

Judy MSM said...

Liz -- Sounds like you're settling in...each phase is an experience in itself...wait until he's 19! (ha ha!) That picture of your Mom holding Jonas was so "sweet" and the one with Maureen made me think that she was being transported back to a different time and place and was looking at Joe. Will write soon. Take care. Love, Judy