Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jonas' first week home

Jonas' first week at home was filled with adventure--for him, yes, but even more so for us. We started at the base of a VERY steep learning curve last Friday when we came home from the hospital trying to figure out baby language, sleep needs, eating needs and the like. This week (2nd week) things are starting to settle a bit, as we all learn more about one another.

Jonas' expression captures how I too felt that first week.

Grammie (my mom) stayed with us for a week, which was fantastic. I don't know what I would have done without her. The days go by so quickly! With 8-10 feedings a day and endless diaper changes, who has time for cooking and laundry?? Nevermind paying the bills and catching up with emails. Grammie made tasty meals, rocked and played with the baby, walked the dog, and basically took really great care of Joe and me.

Mima (Joe's mom) came down for a day to meet Jonas and she'll will treat us to yet another visit soon. We're all looking forward to it.

Although Jonas has lost weight since he was born, he no longer fits into the newborn size diapers, which is really convenient since I just happen to have those coming out the wazoo and hardly any size 1 diapers. You just never can predict how these things will work out.

We're blessed that he loves the swing and the bouncer. I've heard tales of woe about babies who hate one or the other. We try to carry him around most of the time, but it gets hard on the upper arms after awhile.

Changing the diapers has been eventful and memorable. Jonas HATES getting diaper changes. He screams the whole way through unless someone, or some thing, is plugging up the mouth--like a pacifier or a parental finger. Listen kid, I can't say that we're terribly fond of it either, but we gotta make peace with this. This is going to be a daily occurrence for a few more years!It seems to work best when we tag team him. Once that diaper comes off the feet go everywhere. It takes one person to hold the feet and another to deal with the mess at hand. I've learned to remove socks first, otherwise he inevitably manages to smear the contents of the diaper all over his heels. Dealing with the diaper is challenge enough.

Thanks for checking in. Stayed tuned for Jonas' first bath. If you think the diaper changes are rough, the bath set a whole new precedent for hysterics.


Anonymous said...

Well written...such fun to read! Thanks Mom

Judy MSM said...

He looks so beautiful and both grandmothers look so...proud. You do write beautifully! Judy