Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second ultrasound at 20 weeks & visit

On Oct 4. we had our second ultrasound. I was filled with excitement about this one. Everything feels so real now. I think because I had begun to feel some movement in the weeks beforehand, which I was hoping to witness on the screen. I also couldn't wait to see how much the baby had grown from the "tadpole stage" it was in during the last ultrasound. While my abdomen has been expanding at the "typical rate"in the last two months, it seems like somehow it sped up once I hit a certain point. What is going on in there?? What does it look like?

For this ultrasound I followed the instructions to a tee. Last round, I wasn't aware that you had to consume a Great Lake prior to the test and I think it made things a little harder to see. And our being late to the first appointment did not endear the sonographer to us.

I jumped up on the table with great anticipation. A minute later I was entranced by the strange shapes and formations dancing their way across the screen in black and white. I was in heaven. There, we were watching our baby, as if through a window! I could have just stayed there for hours, mesmerized by each tiny organ and bone. We saw all the major organs--heart, liver, cerebrum, cerebellum, spleen, stomach--you name it. We took turns squeezing each others' hands in delight as we each identified all the tiny bones in the hands, feet and vertebrae. We exchanged smiles about 100 times. AGHGHGH. Little baby, V. There you are!!

Isn't this photo amazing? I still can't get over the fact that you can make out so much: eyelids, little nose, big forehead (thanks to mom), prominent jaw (gift from dad) and skinny little legs (also from dad). :-)

We had our regular monthly appointment after the ultrasound. Our midwife went over the results with us and said that everything looked as it should. Baby weighed 10 oz. Measurements were right on. Yay!

Are you dying to know if we found out is going to be a Miss or a Master? We decided to find out. I didn't think I could stand not knowing for another 1/2 of the pregnancy. It's a BOY!! Now, we begin the name debate. Well, at least we have lots of time left to work this out.

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