Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Ultrasound

As we are just about to get our second ultrasound, it occurred to me that we’re woefully behind in getting up a little information about the first ultrasound. Well, better late than never.

Baby V was about 12 weeks in these photos. I think one of the most awe-inspiring things for me, anyway, was to see the baby’s heart beat. There on the black screen was this glowing, pulsating round-ish mass. At first, when the technician began the test, we couldn’t really identify anything on the screen aside from various shades of black, gray and white. Also, because we were late, she was not in a particularly endearing mood, so she didn’t do much explaining until we prodded her for some answers.

When we first saw the baby’s head—now mind you, we have absolutely no knowledge of how to interpret a 12 week ultrasound images—we each had the same reaction. An eye-brow raised expression and a minor concern over why our baby’s head resembled an alien’s more than our own. The eye sockets, or what we thought were the eye sockets—bore a close resemblance to large almond shaped eyes of the extra-terrestrial abductors described in Witley Striber’s book Communion. We later learned that there was no cause for alarm. This was a typical image for a fetus of that age. The dark areas on the head have more to do with areas of cartilage and bone that have not fused yet.

You’ll notice in our photo that Baby V. is hanging out upside-down as opposed to the customary on the back position. The technician was actually having some difficulties moving the baby into a position that would allow her to capture the best image. As a result, she spent a good 15 minutes chasing the baby all around my uterus, poking and prodding me from every direction. “Your baby is not cooperating very well,” she remarked with a hint of annoyance. We both smiled. Well, what else would you expect?

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