Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Chocolate Milk

Last Friday, to get a little reprieve from the intense summer heat, Jonas and I decided to head out and get ourselves a treat. I bought a book. He got a chocolate milk. His FIRST chocolate milk. It was a hit, as you can see.

The straw goes in. He LOVES straws, by the way. He takes a sip. "Don't SQUEEZE it, Jonas," I say. The sparkle in his eye tells me he's thinking about it.

He takes a minute to savor it...

Yes!!! It's awesome!

What do you do when you're an 18 month old to show your approval of something? You shake it! And maybe let out a few shrill squeals.

Then, finally, you can settle in and just drink it down.


1 comment:

Judy MSM said...

Liz, Jonas is so cute. He has a more "mature" appearance then he had just a few weeks ago! Such a combination of you and Joe.