Saturday, September 12, 2009

Liz's Pick: Milk in a bottle

I don’t know what it is about milk that’s poured right from the glass bottle into the glass, but I could chug that the way people down beers. There’s a smoothness to it that is absent in milk “bottled” in cartons, or worse, plastic jugs. No offense, if you get the jug every week. It’s just my least favorite. Joe will tell you that I have a very keen sense of smell, which as we know, is directly linked to our sense of taste. And there is just something about the taste of milk issued from a plastic jug that makes me wrinkle up my nose.

I started looking around for local dairies a few weeks ago, and I found that among the scant number that are still in existence, a few distribute their milk both in the conventional way (cartons) and in glass bottles. I bought my first bottle of milk last week at Indian Ladder Farms (they sell Meadowbrook Farms), and it was pure bliss. This week at the Schenectady Farmer’s Market, I found milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery. I’m looking forward to sampling that next!

Now, if only the milkman would start making his rounds again.

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Anonymous said...

Funny that I happened to check out your blog because I think Sabra still gets milk delivered! You should ask her about it! I do know it's in glass bottles, and I do think she has it delivered. This could be your lucky day!