Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mohawk-Hudson Marathon: first marathon

Last Sunday Joe ran the Mohawk-Hudson marathon for the fourth year. He did a bang up job. Finished in 3 hours, 7 minutes and some change. This race is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and I'm delighted to report that Joe made the cut. He'll be going to Boston next April to run in The Great Race. I'm going to spare myself from typing of a full race recount, but if you're interested, Joe did a big write-up. His will be better than mine anyway, since he actually ran it.

Jonas and Sarah and I hop-sc
otched along the course, popping out of the woods occasionally to cheer him on.

This was not only a big day for Joe, but also for Jonas.

This was his first marathon 'in person'.

While he was there last year,

being there 'in utero' doesn't fully count. I mean, it counts for something, but it's only like half a point.

Jonas was a really good sport with all the stops, being plucked out of the car seat every 20 minutes, only to be returned 5 minutes later. What he really enjoyed was the finish. Surrounded by people coming and going in every direction. And best of all seeing kids--lots of them--in strollers, everywhere. Pay dirt!

But most of all Jonas was so proud of his dad who has worked so hard. Way to go, Dada.

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