Friday, October 3, 2008

Anyone there?

This is what friends and family are probably wondering these days. I was shocked when I went on this blog this morning and saw that my last entry was 5 weeks ago! I aim to do a little better this month.

We are all alive and well. The month of September was just jam packed. We visited family in Syracuse over Labor Day. I signed on to do a yardsale with a mom's group gal, which ended up taking more time than I thought it would, although it was a good time. I've been running around trying to get estimates for some critical house projects that need to be done this fall. And all of this led up to last weekend when I had to spend all weekend at work for alumnae reunion. I came home Sunday exhausted, only to catch Jonas' cold. Well, what can you do?

All in all, though, life is good, sniffles aside. I haven't had much time for writing emails, visiting with friends, or posting new entries here. I hope that'll change this month.

I'm working on a couple of new posts currently about Jonas' great strides. I'll get them up this weekend. Til then, take care and be well.

Here we are Labor Day weekend.

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Marlena said...

oh my god liz, is that the SU onesie that someone gave us and then I gave to you? that is so funny.