Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thinking outside the box

On this slow and lazy, rainy afternoon Joe and I are both trying to recuperate from the last two nights of Jonas being up all night. The little guy's been under the weather since Friday with goopy eye gook, congestion and a runny nose. Consequently, he hasn't slept well at all and neither have we. So, we're holed up in our bedroom, watching a documentary about George Hincapie, eating snacks and laying low. For Jonas, however, being congested is no reason to put playing on hold.

I brought Jonas' bath tub upstairs, because I was going to give him a bath and hopefully loosen up some of that congestion. But before I could get him to the bathroom, I got sucked into this show. I put the bath tub on the floor. Two seconds later Jonas crawled into it and has been playing with it for over an hour. Awesome! We've been laughing ourselves silly at him in his pj's in the bathtub with his toys, with no water, of course.

This is a great lesson on thinking out of the box, or the tub, as it were. I would have never thought that the bathtub could be fun without water. That just shows you how narrow minded *I* am. It's been a completely new experience for Jonas and he loves it. He's been putting all his non-water toys in the tub, trying to stand up, and even taken a few tumbles out of it.

Sometimes the most unsuspecting things provide the greatest pleasure. I just love it when that happens.

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